” Retention = 85% ”

Consumer attitudes toward restroom indoor advertising were found to be very positive with as much as 98% generating a favorable reaction to the indoor advertising.
Retention of the advertising message generated by indoor advertising billboards was found to be an average of 40% stronger than by other advertising media. Also, that the unusual and unexpected nature of the form of  restroom indoor advertising “commands focal levels of attention” thus enabling better comprehension and longer lasting impressions.

The Rice University researchers timed 1000 people while in restroom and found an average of 1-1/2 to 2 full minutes were spent in front of the restroom indoor advertising.

Found as much as 98.9% of restroom indoor advertising viewers reacted positively or neutral to seeing advertising in restroom facilities.
That the ability of the restroom indoor advertising to target specific demographic groups by age, sex, income level, or lifestyle is one of the greatest strengths of restroom indoor advertising over other advertising media available.
When restroom indoor advertising viewers are shopping for a product or service, the consumers retention of that product or service advertised raises to an impressive and effective 85% retention rate of the indoor advertising they encountered.
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