Targeting the Wealthy Demographic:

Advantage Indoor Advertising is able to target the nations wealthy individuals through advertising placement in General Aviation Airports. Indoor billboard placement is most often in the airport restroom but is also placed in other common areas such as lobbies, lounges, the weather room and the pilots lounge.

ADvantage Elite serves those advertising clients whose marketing plans have been developed to target the nations “Truly Elite” – those individuals with an extremely high net worth.

Our commitment to our indoor billboard clients is that we will deliver your message to the nations wealthiest individuals in environments that they have great affinity for and use regularly, General Aviation Airports.

Remember it’s all about placing advertising in environments that have maximum exposure and impact – – We are an Advertising Media that is hard to miss and unavoidable. The last thing people do before boarding the plane and the first thing they do after disembarking is visit the airport restroom. Our indoor advertising billboards welcome the target audience, indoor advertising captivates the readers while getting their undivided attention.

Statistics for the ADvantage Elite markets

Airports State of Florida

Types of Airports include public, private and include Seaplane Airports and Heliport/Helistop locations across Florida including Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota and Orlando.

Statistics show:

Types of Airports

General Aviation Airports comprise the largest single group of airports in the U.S. airport system. This category also includes privately owned, public use airports that enplane 2500 or more passengers annually and receive scheduled airline service.

New FAA regulations putting tighter restrictions on automobile traffic at airports has opened up a new indoor advertising venue for reaching high-end consumers who travel aboard private jets. Passengers now go through the lobby before boarding, rather than parking near their plane, which means more traffic going through terminals of general aviation airports. This is a great chance for advertisers to reach those high-end travelers through indoor advertising billboards in lobbies, restrooms and lounges.