Why Indoor Advertising Works

StallMall Westshore ad

  1. High Volume Locations Average 12,000 to 40,000 Patrons per Month
  2. Absolute Captive Audience Undivided Attention
  3. Greater Reception A Casual, Relaxed Atmosphere
  4. Extended Viewing In the Viewers Face, Up to One to Two Minutes
  5. Ads are read 95 – 100% of the time
  6. A Welcome Alternative to looking at a Blank Wall
  7. Repetition In a Bar Setting, Up to 4 Visits Per Night
  8. Undivided Attention No Tune out, trashing or turning pages
  9. Memorization 84% remember ad details
  10. Audience targeted specifically by matching customers

Stallmall Restroom ADRestroom Billboard Advertising is Read 95%-100% of the Time

  • Your target market will read, enjoy, and even welcome your advertising.
  • Restroom Billboard Advertising receives consumers’ undivided attention for 30 seconds to 4 full minutes.
  • Restroom Advertising retention rate is outstanding, 84% after just one viewing!
  • Restroom Billboards can be targeted to men or women exclusively, even by age group, income range or lifestyle.
  • Average patronage per location is 22,000 monthly.
  • Indoor advertising viewer impression time is 30 seconds to 4 minutes with our indoor billboards.
  • Studies Prove that Restroom Advertising is remembered 84% of the time (With 88.5% of that group recalling 4 specific points of your ad!)
run digitalAdvantage Indoor offers a powerful approach to Digital advertising. We are able to combine your digital ad with entertainment and then add social media to the mix that will attract your specific targeted demographic to the advertising message like nothing else in the market. We also utilize the concept of a “captive audience” to willingly hold the attention of people encountering the ad. Call us to learn more about digital billboard advertising.

Indoor Advertising Business OpportunitiesIndoor Advertising Business Opportunities

If all of this sounds intriguing and you are interested in starting a Indoor advertising business let us help. ADvantage Indoor can offer guidance in developing and starting a successful new indoor business opportunity. We have over 18 years of experience and business success in both the local and national arenas for indoor billboards, restroom advertising and internet marketing. We specialized in understanding emerging media and can help to develop a unique business opportunity that can include digital billboards, online coupons, web development, SEO, social media and mobile websites. Call us for details on how to start a indoor adverting business.

Indoor Advertising | Restroom Billboards

The use of indoor advertising can provide a powerful medium for ad agencies, media buyers and advertisers to reach their target audience. The concept is simple. Ads are strategically placed inside businesses and public spaces where the advertisers target market can be found. The message is presented in a way that the intended recipient is willingly engaged in connecting with the advertiser’s message. When deployed properly ADvantage indoor advertisings approach allows and encourages the recipient to capture the message and take that information with them to be viewed again. We employ a variety of methods to reach our client’s desired target.

Indoor Billboards

Indoor billboards are placed in for maximum visibility in high traffic areas of businesses to reach the customers who visit those locations regularly. Anywhere the customers are found that they are stationary and have time to view the ads is best. These areas include, waiting areas, seating areas and restrooms. Restroom advertising provides one of the most receptive and powerful opportunities because the ad message is delivered to the target audience when they are alone, have time to engage and read the restroom advertisement and they frankly want something to read.

Digital Indoor Advertising

Digital Indoor Advertising has become very popular in recent years. Most digital indoor billboard medium continually run only advertisements. This approach seldom does a good job of engaging its intended audience. As a rule most people will avoid and tune out a continuous stream of “commercials”. We make digital indoor billboard advertising work by combining indoor advertising with entertainment custom tailored to the clientele of the venue. The appropriate entertainment choice draws people into the experience and holds them there to receive the advertiser’s message. We can also engage the venues customers with the digital indoor advertising by connecting it with a unique social media experience by way of a smart phone app. The venues customers can download the mobile app and connect with the digital billboard media. In effect the business becomes its own social media network. What an incredible marketing concept! Customers are drawn to and focus on the digital indoor billboard as they engage in this social media experience with others in the venue. Here again the customer leaves the business with the advertisers message on their cell phone.

Reaching the Intended Target

Reaching your target audience is one of the most valuable aspects of indoor billboard advertising. By understanding the type of clientele entering the business ADvantage Indoor can help savvy marketers dial in on their desired demographic. Understanding the venue is the key. Different demographics may visit some businesses during different times of the day, month, and year. Most businesses however do attract the same type of people year round. Are you looking for 18 to 34 year olds with discretionary income? How about baby boomers? Perhaps you want to reach socially active seniors who are still actively spending money. Is one of the above demographics found in a specific geographic area what you are after? Indoor advertising can deliver your desired audience at a better price than any other medium.

Lifestyle and Gender

Lifestyle and gender are often the parameters used to define the demographic for ad campaigns. Indoor billboards can deliver those clients bases in an effective manner. For lifestyle targeting most consumers follow very predictable behavior patterns. They frequent the same places and congregate with like-minded people of the same lifestyle. Pick your lifestyle target and we can reach them with indoor billboards and digital advertising. Almost every product and service seems to have a gender preference. When a specific gender is the object of an ad campaign the restroom advertising approach hits the target every time. By utilizing the indoor advertising marketers can reach the desired consumer at half of the cost of ad media that are unable to target by gender. Even if you are after both genders your marketing approach can be tailored to men and women separately with different ads being used in each restroom ad.

Local Geographic Targeting

Indoor billboards advertising can effectively pinpoint any target audience by geography. This targeting can be narrowed to the local area that consumers live in or working or even where they vacation or play. This approach is helpful for both large national companies wanting to drive traffic to a new store front or a small local business trying to reach customers in their neighborhood. Local restroom advertising or digital approaches work here. Combine this with a website designed and optimized for local search by Strategic Media Inc. of Clearwater and a local online coupon and you have a powerful marketing approach that will bring you the clients you wanted to attract.

Distinct Networks

friends at a bar

Our network offers a wide variety of both restaurants and bars to reach all life styles. From fine dining to casual to family oriented restaurants. The bar scene ranges through the full gamut including sports bars, pubs, night clubs, alternative lifestyle and local neighborhood bars. You select the lifestyle, gender and the combination of digital, static or restroom ads.

Sports and Active Lifestyle

Sports and Active Lifestyle

Advantage indoor has ample availability for targeting the active lifestyle. We offer digital and indoor in health clubs, golf courses, marinas and sports arenas.

Ethnic Demographic Groups

Ethnic Demographic Groups

If you are interested reaching a specific ethnic group let us know your preference. We are able to deliver that desired demographic by placing your ads in the favorite businesses that group visits. We can also narrow the selection through desired geographic preferences.

Indoor Advertising Markets Available:

Local Orlando and Tampa Bay Restroom advertising markets:
Tampa Florida – Clearwater Florida – St Pete Florida – Sarasota – Bradenton – Orlando Florida

Nationwide Restroom Advertising Markets available