Thank you for your help in building my business. ADvantage Indoor Advertising is where I get many of my new students from. As we launched our new online store selling highend fitness apparel this has been a great help in letting people know who we are and in driving traffic to the website.

Al Spicer Terrazzo and Marble

I have been using your indoor advertising billboards for over 10 years now. They continue to be a steady source of bringing in new high quality customers who have money. I am amazed that they continue to work even in this down economy.

WOW Mobile Wireless Service

What a great way to brand a new product! With the indoor advertising people really understand what we do when they call from the ads. It makes the sale much easier.

Simone Salsa

Using you indoor advertising was a major contributing factor in my opening 2 new dance studios in Tampa. New students are always telling us I saw your advertising in a restroom.

FL Orchestra

Please let me say how many positive comments we receive from patrons, musicians and general folks who have spotted our ads around Tampa Bay

Skin Sense Hair Removal Salon

1/3 of our clients come from indoor advertising billboard ads directly. The results are easy to track. We had to increase our staff to accommodate the new clients.

WilderAnn Productions

Within 10 days of the ads going up, we started receiving phone calls.

Skydive City, Inc.

Your indoor advertising definitely works well for us!

Gerson Goodson, Inc.

Your approach to advertising is totally unique. There are not many advertising mediums that can guarantee prospect/client involvement as yours can.


Now Madison Avenue has invaded the restroom. It’s surprising nobody has thought of it before.

Inc. Magazine

If you went to the restroom three times, you’d read it again and again. Not only can indoor billboards reach a very discerning customer, but they’ve got that customer’s undivided attention.

Ad Week

Talk about your captive audience. Your attention is riveted directly on the space in front of you. People indeed read these ads – thoroughly.